Robert Aldrich

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All About Me

Where do I begin? What information about me should I include on my website?

I wear a lot of hats. For a day job, I work for the U.S. Navy as a laser safety expert.  In this position, I evaluate the safety and safety compliance of laser systems for use by the Navy or Marine Corps.  The job allows me to travel often and many of the images that can be seen in my photo gallery have been the fruits of some of these trips.

I also own and operate Aldrich Computers & Consultants® - a small company located in eastern Virginia that specializing in turn-key web development for small businesses.

As for my personal life, I always seem to find a way to maximize the drama in my life - but I'm working on that! My hobbies are numerous and I rarely find enough time for any of them. Of course, faith, family, and friends come first; however, photography, movies, television, and computers seem to hold my attention more than many of my other fleeting hobbies. I have included areas on this website dedicated to both my movie collection and my photography.

Random Thought

Have you ever wondered why it is that left and right are reversed when looking into a mirror, but not up and down?