American Pie: Band Camp
Universal Studios (2005)
In Collection
87 mins

Tad Hilgenbrinck Matt Stifler
Eugene Levy Mr. Levenstein
Arielle Kebbel Elyse
Jason Earles Ernie Kaplowitz
Carla Alaponte Leslie
Matt Baker Derek
Matt Barr Brandon Vandecamp
Jun Hee Lee Jimmy
Sean Briskey Novak
Crystle Lightning Chloe
Chris Owen Sherman
Lauren C. Mayhew Arianna
Angela Little Sherri

Director Steve Rash
Producer Mike Elliott
Writer Adam Herz
Brad Riddell
Cinematography Victor J. Kemper
Musician Robert Folk

American Pie: Band Camp focuses on Matt Stiffler, who is the younger brother of Steve Stiffler. Matt wants to enter the family business. Matt and his friends play a prank on the band members during graduation. His punishment is that he has to go to band camp. He goes to band camp and soon becomes friends with some of the band members from his school and falls in love. Matt realizes that everyone hates and hated his brother, whom he loved and his world is crushed. Matt then changes and tries to right some of the wrongs that his brother caused, including getting a band scholarship back for the girl he fell in love with.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1