American Pie: The Naked Mile
Universal Studios (2006)
In Collection
97 mins

Steve Talley Adam Stiffler
Candace Kroslak Brandy
Jessy Schram Tracy
Angel Lewis Alexis
John White Erik Stifler
Jon Cor Trent

Director Joe Nussbaum
Producer W.K. Border
Byron A. Martin
Writer Adam Herz
Erik Lindsay
Cinematography Eric Haase
Musician Jeff Cardoni

Erik Stifler (John White) is the cousin of American Pie serial womanizer Stifler. His friends Cooze (Jake Siegel) and Ryan (Ross Thomas) question his lineage when he apparently is incapable of having sex with his girlfriend, Tracy (Jesse Schram). Feeling insecure about his commitment with respect to her refusal to have sex, Tracy gives Erik a “free pass” the following weekend as he, Cooze and Ryan take a trip to Michigan State for the annual Naked Mile festival. There they meet another Stifler cousin, Dwight (Steve Talley) who attempts to hook the three high schoolers up with the local college girls. Erik enters a moral quandary that drives the rest of the movie, asking himself whether or not he should capitalize on the free pass. Meanwhile, Cooze and Ryan attempt to live up their sex and booze filled preview of college life.

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Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1