MGM/UA (2000)
Thriller, Crime, Mystery
In Collection
108 mins

Rachael Leigh Cook Lisa Calighan
Ryan Phillippe Milo Hoffman
Claire Forlani Alice Poulson/Rebecca Paul
Tim Robbins Gary Winston
Richard Roundtree Lyle Barton
Nate Dushku Brian Bissel
Yee Jee Tso Teddy Chin
Ed Beechner Ken Cosgrove
Ned Bellamy Phil Grimes
Scott Bellis Randy Sheringham
Tyler Labine Redmond Schmeichel
David Lovgren Danny Solskjaer
Douglas McFerran Bob Shrot
Zahf Paroo Desi
Ian Robison Lawyer

Director Peter Howitt
Producer David Nicksay
Ashok Amritraj
Writer Howard Franklin
Cinematography John Bailey
Musician Don Davis

Milo Hoffman (Ryan Phillippe) is recruited to join a Microsoft-like computer corporation by its nerdy founder Gary Winston (Tim Robbins). Gary needs Milo because he's a genius and the company's next big project looks like it won't launch on time. So Milo and his girlfriend Alice (Claire Forlani) move together out to the Northwest. Everything starts out pretty great. The company seems like a fun place to work, with lots of perks. Milo works hard and puts in a lot of hours. But pretty soon, it looks like no one around Milo can be trusted. Is his girlfriend actually a plant, hired to watch him and influence his decisions? What about his friend who refused to go work for the company but ended up being killed? Was it murder?

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1