Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Buena Vista (2001)
Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
In Collection
96 mins

Corey Burton Gaetan Moliere
Claudia Christian Helga Katrina Sinclair
Michael J. Fox Milo James Thatch
James Garner Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke
John Mahoney Preston B. Whitmore
Phil Morris Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet
Leonard Nimoy King Kashekim Nedakh
Don Novello Vincenzo Santorini
Jacqueline Obradors Audrey Rocio Ramirez
Florence Stanley Wilhelmina Bertha Packard
David Ogden Stiers Fenton Q. Harcourt

Director Gary Trousdale
Kirk Wise
Producer Don Hahn
Kendra Halland
Writer Gary Trousdale
David Reynolds

Milo Tatch (voiced by Michael J. Fox) is wasting away his talents as a historian by working in the boiler room of a museum. He dreams of following in his deceased grandfather’s footsteps in trying to find the Lost Empire of Atlantis. Milo is sure that if he can find Atlantis then he will uncover a powerful energy source. His wishes are soon granted when a rich friend of his grandfather’s funds and provides an accomplished team for his expedition. Milo and the team head deep underwater off the shores of Iceland and soon discover the magnificent empire. Shortly after their wonderful discovery of this glorious empire it surfaces that he might not be the only one with an objective on this trip. It seems that there are other members of his team that have their own hidden agenda up their sleeves.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1