The Aviator
Warner Bros. (2004)
Drama, Action, Biography
In Collection
170 mins

Leonardo DiCaprio Howard Hughes
Alec Baldwin Juan Trippe
Kate Beckinsale Ava Gardner
Cate Blanchett Katharine Hepburn
Alan Alda Senator Ralph Owen Brewster
Ian Holm Professor Fitz
Danny Huston Jack Frye
Jude Law Errol Flynn
Gwen Stefani Jean Harlow
Adam Scott Johnny Meyer
John C. Reilly Noah Dietrich
Matt Ross Glenn Odekirk
Kelli Garner Faith Domergue
Frances Conroy Mrs. Hepburn
Brent Spiner Robert Gross

Director Martin Scorsese
Producer Michael Mann
Sandy Climan
Writer John Logan
Cinematography Robert Richardson
Musician Howard Shore

"The Aviator" is a fascinating account of the life of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes. His various successes and failures in a wide array of endeavors makes for an inspirational and interesting saga of a mysterious figure mostly known these days for the strange behavior he displayed in his later years. The film highlights his earlier genius which made him an American legend and a figure bigger than life. It also reveals the destructive progression of a compulsive disorder and the very sad circumstances that can result from such a disease if left untreated.

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Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1