16 Blocks
Warner Bros. (2006)
Thriller, Crime, Action
In Collection
105 mins

Bruce Willis Jack Mosley
Mos Def Eddie Bunker
David Morse Frank Nugent
Jenna Stern Diane Mosley
Casey Sander Captain Gruber
Cylk Cozart Jimmy Mulvey
David Zayas Robert Torres
Robert Racki Jerry Shue
Patrick Garrow Touhey
Sasha Roiz Kaller

Director Richard Donner
Producer Boaz Davidson
Arnold Rifkin
Writer Richard Wenk
Cinematography Glen MacPherson
Musician Klaus Badelt

Washed-up New York City detective Jack Mosley is chosen to escort prisoner Eddie Bunker sixteen blocks away to court, where Bunker is scheduled to testify. Along the way, however, Mosley learns that Bunker has made a deal with the district attorney to testify against his colleagues, setting off a vendetta on the part of the NYPD. Mosley must choose between protecting a witness and his allegiance to his department.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1