3:10 To Yuma
Columbia TriStar (1957)
Adventure, Western, Action
In Collection
92 mins

Glenn Ford Ben Wade
Van Heflin Dan Evans
Leora Dana Mrs. Alice Evans
Robert Ellenstein Ernie Collins
Robert Emhardt Mr. Butterfield
Sheridan Comerate Bob Moons
Felicia Farr Emmy
Richard Jaeckel Charlie Prince
Henry Jones Alex Potter
George Mitchell Bartender
Ford Rainey Marshal

Director Delmer Daves
Producer David Heilweil
Writer Elmore Leonard
Halsted Welles

Ben Wade (Glenn Ford) is the bad guy, and Dan Evans (Van Heflin) is the good guy. Wade has been apprehended and needs to be put on the train, the time and location of which is the name of the movie. Evans, a poor farmer who needs money fast, takes the job of guarding Wade and making sure he boards the train, while Wade's gang tries to prevent him from doing so. Much of the film takes place in a hotel room, in which the two main characters spar verbally and even physically up until they hear the train whistle and Evans tries to escort Wade to the train.

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1