Universal Studios (2006)
In Collection
90 mins

Justin Long Bartleby Gaines
Jonah Hill Sherman Schrader
Adam Herschman Glen
Columbus Short Hands
Maria Thayer Rory
Lewis Black Uncle Ben
Blake Lively Monica
Mark Derwin Jack Gaines
Ann Cusack Diane Gaines
Hannah Marks Lizzie Gaines

Director Steve Pink
Producer Tom Shadyac
Michael Bostick
Writer Bill Collage
Adam Cooper
Cinematography Matthew F. Leonetti
Musician David Schommer

If you've ever been rejected from your favorite school, or perhaps every school then you will fit right on 'Accepted'. Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) has graduated from high school, but he doesn't have much aspiration or motivation. When every college that he applies to rejects him, including the one that he thought was a no-brainer, he becomes desperate. With some help from his friend Sherman (Jonah Hill), Bartleby makes up a school for himself and sends out an acceptance letter, then goes out to secure a 'campus' for his fake school with the tuition check that his father gives him. Chaos soon ensues when the fake website for the school turns out to be functional and several hundred other failures show up with an acceptance letter. Bartleby and his friends soon embark on an attempt to truly become accepted, both in school and by their families. Will their S. H.I. T. (South Harmon Institute of Technology) pass the test and be 'Accepted'?

Edition Details
Country USA
Language English
Region Region 1
No. of Disks/Tapes 1